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How to Play Mobile Phone (Java) Games on Your PC

Play your favorite mobile games on your PC

Did you know that you can play Java games on your pc? To play mobile games on your computer you need to download the emulator KEmulator Lite.

KEmulator Lite is a mobile java games emulator that allows you to play your 3D java game collections on your PC with size 240x320 (and less), so.. with this application you can try the games on PC first before you install on your mobile phone.

The Features of KEmulator Lite:
  • Possibility to play games for the screens of touches a mouse.
  • Record of video
  • It is possible to do skrinshoty
  • It is possible to change the mode (for every telephone there is the mode)

How to use KEmulator:

  1. Download KEmulator from here
  2. Run KEmulator.exe
  3. Navigate to Menu: Midlet->Load Jar/Load with console and choose the game that you want to open.

Useful Tips of KEmulator:

Menu -> Tool

  1. Zoom in/out, default 200%
  2. Ticks, design for GD(Game Designer) as a timer.
  3. Capture/Record, save to "/capture" folder.
  4. Speed up/Down, speed up the game rate.
  5. Record keys/Enable Autoplay, refer to the Autoplay.


Auto-play Records

  1. Select Tool -> Record Keys.
  2. Now select View -> Options -> Key Map -> Enable Key Cache. It makes the key play-back accurately.
  3. Launch a game, and play it. All your key presses are recorded, saved to "/records" folder.
  4. Then, you can launch the record from Midlet -> Load auto-play record. The emulator will play back all you have done.
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