Can not deny that Facebook is being experienced periods of glory today. Millions of users already registered on this social networking.But be aware also that the development of facebook is also attracting the interest of hackers, crackers and virus makers to try to take advantage of this site by way of spreading the virus, taking the personal data and so forth.

To overcome this, Here are some tips on how to avoid terkana up you from viruses.

1. Be cautious about installing applications. It is best not to install the Facebook application that is sent by someone not known primarily for applications that do not generally odd contained within Facebook.

2. Check more carefully before installing the application. Before menginsatal application up, first kalli thing to do is check the list and review the scan results. Read them carefully before you install it. If not, the virus will easily spy on you.

3. Do not click on a link that looks strange. If it is the link there are irregularities, then do not click it. If the link is said to come from one of your friends, should precede the first confirmation that friend. It could be the sender link pretend to be your friend.

4. Make sure the application is not something that requires you to perform complete verification of identity and confidential. You should be careful with infirmasi posted when will access the game up where the penggunananya have to share 25 random facts relating to yourself and your friends.

5. Give additional questions to protect your account. This will help to prove your identity at any time if your account information stolen someone else.

6. Report any spam and any discrepancy you find on your account via a link that has been provided by Facebook.

7. Cautious with sites similar to Facebook. Do not easily enter a password unless you are absolutely sure are in the original Facebook site.

8. Protect your password. Do not use the same password you use for other sites. More importantly, do not ever tell your password to anyone.

9. Although you do not use Facebook, it's good to create profiles on specific sites. This is to avoid so no one is using your name and your profile to fool others.

Good Luck...!!
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