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Delta Force - Black Hawk Down

Novalogic's Delta Force was originally one of the leading series in the tactical shooter computer game. However, if last year's Task Force Dagger is any indication, this series decreases. Latest game in the series, Delta Force: Black Hawk Down, focuses on the UN intervention in Somalia in the 1990s, as depicted in the popular novel and movie Black Hawk Down. New Delta Force game makes some improvements series, but it's hard to take seriously, especially given that some game action sequences, which resemble old arcade games more than they do actual military operations.

Black Hawk Down is loosely inspired by missions undertaken by elements of Delta Force, U.S. Ranger Regiment 75 Mountain Division 10, and 160 Special Operations Aviation Regiment. The game is also filled with real-world vehicles and weapons, but do not let that fool you. Black Hawk Down is largely a directly simple action game with some real-world pitfalls.

The first game single-player mission provides a good idea of ​​what you can expect from Black Hawk Down. He lifted the idea from the movie and throws them together in ways that are unrealistic and rigid. The mission itself resembles a rail shooter, an arcade-style shooting game where you are forced to move along a predetermined path while shooting any enemies in your way. For whatever reason, developers insisted on using this idea repeatedly. In the first mission, you take part in rescue operations for the UN convoy that was attacked in the countryside. You operate a .50-caliber machine gun in one of the Humvees that happily drive right into hordes of enemy soldiers and vehicles approaching from all sides and not to really engage the enemy slow down, stop, or take an alternate route. You do not have control over the Humvee driver stupid, but just need to blast each new target that pops up.

Once completed, this segment shooting gallery - and most of the game seems like a glorified shooting gallery, because people often armed Somalis will stand in neat little rows - you walk on foot into a small enemy camp to snipe people worse. Then, it returned to the action rail more honest, because you use a minigun mounted on a Black Hawk helicopter to kill more enemies foolhardy. All this is in the range of 5 or 10 minutes.

Anyone looking for realistic military simulation will be very disappointed with Black Hawk Down. But if you're looking for the shooter, a simple old-fashioned, you can enjoy a share, assuming you can put a few key issues. The purpose of the single-player missions often seem contrived or repetitive, and the campaign as a whole seems disjointed and amateurish. It's too bad balance - most missions are too easy, but some require retries endless and endlessly frustrating. The mission is also not original. Understandably, they lift ideas from Black Hawk Down book and film, but without doing them any justice. One mission even attempt, however ugly, again making Omaha Beach landing sequence from Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, of all things.

As in previous Delta Force games, Black Hawk Down's AI is very poor. What is considered "elite" Delta Force and Ranger troops shoot each other, pushing you into the line of fire, and repeatedly lost the target right in front of them literal. Their goal was so horrible that they could actually walk past the enemy in a narrow tunnel and did not reach their targets. The Somali fighters are just as bad. At close range, the militia soldiers often turn away from you and shoot a nearby wall instead. So, basically it's up to you to play Rambo, running around and shooting all the sitting ducks. In fact, the game makes even the score for you - you can expect to kill more than 1,500 Somalis during the campaign.

System requirements (Requirements):
  • System: PIII 733MHz or equivalent
  • RAM: 256 MB RAM
  • Video Memory: 32 MB VRAM
  • Hard Drive Space: 750 MB
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