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Make Your Last Stand and Steal Back the Empire!

All that remains of a once prosperous kingdom is a lone province and it's up to you to defend it! You play the former captain bodyguard of the king after a revolt has pushed him out of power. Defend his honor and the last province of the kingdom.

A Real-Time Strategy Classic

In this real-time strategy game, set up a defensive, functioning society with social classes, limited resources and a variety of buildings. Build buildings like a tannery, swine farm and tavern and connect them with roads. Take care of your fledgling empire by making sure everyone is fed, resources are being obtained and your army is prepared for attacking invaders.
Play 20 single-player missions in two different campaigns: The Shattered Kingdom and The Peasants Rebellion. Play the challenging skirmish mode or battle with up to six other players online.

Face a Variety of Tasks

Enjoy 20 missions lasting at least an hour each as you fight to regain the kingdom, province by province. The challenging battles and the constant fight to keep your economy growing will keep you busy and force you to create new strategies. This game is replayable because you can use new strategies every time for different results.
If you like real-time strategy games with plenty of entertaining features, then download Knights and Merchants today!
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