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How to Improve Windows XP Shutdown Speed

Shorten the time it takes for your desktop to appear when you turn on your PC and make XP shut down faster as well

.In some cases computers running with Windows XP takes too much time to shutdown and repeatedly annoy users with pop up messages asking if you really want to quit the applications. This problem is mainly due to applications that install services that start at Windows XP boot time and then take a very long time to stop and sometimes time out when Windows is being shut down. No matter how fast your PC shuts down, it's not fast enough. This tweak reduces the time Windows-XP waits before automatically closing any running programs when you give it the command to shutdown.

How to Improve Your Computers Shutdown And Reboot Speed?

For speeding up your shutdown and reboot time in Windows XP, you need to edit some registry settings. Follow the steps as given below:

1. Go to Start then select Run

2. Type 'Regedit' and click ok

3. Find 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\'

4. Select 'WaitToKillAppTimeout'

5. Right click and select 'Modify'

6. Change the value to '1000'

7. Click 'OK'

8. Now select 'HungAppTimeout'

9. Right click and select 'Modify'

How to Improve Windows XP Shutdown Speed
10. Change the value to '1000'

11. Click 'OK'

How to Improve Windows XP Shutdown Speed0
When you complete the above steps, you will find your Windows startup and shutdown faster than before.

Warning: Modifying the Windows registry can cause serious damage to your Windows Operating System. It is better to backup your Windows registry data before making any changes. I am not responsible for any changes you may make to your system.
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